trash can with recycle symbol and tree, doge moon lamp is bio-degradable

wireless charging

no battery symbol, doge moon lamp with shiba inu meme uses usb charging

no batteries

3d printed image, doge moon lamp with shiba inu meme is 3d printed

3d printed

The Levitating Doge Moon Lamp


  • The Levitating Doge Moon lamp comes with a stand, ac adapter, and user manual.  
  • Wireless phone charger built into base of stand. 
  • On and off touch sensor  
  • Moon lamp is 3d printed with features of the Moon and the Shiba Inu Meme.
  • Stand Measurements: 6.7cm length, 16cm width
  • Moon Size: 6in diameter
  • Wireless Charging Specs: 10W Power, 70-75% efficient

No Charging Needed

Enjoy your Levitating Doge Moon while charging your phone at the same time. Simply plug in your Doge Moon Lamp and charge! Much Utility.

3D Printed

The Levitating Doge Moon is 3d printed with the shiba inu meme on the face of the moon.

We Levitate!

We levitate! The doge moon now uses powerful magnets to float in space! Very Tech!