doge moon lamp yellow glow with shiba inu meme  behind earth in space
trash can with recycle symbol and tree, doge moon lamp is bio-degradable


no battery symbol, doge moon lamp with shiba inu meme uses usb charging

usb charging

3d printed image, doge moon lamp with shiba inu meme is 3d printed

3d printed

doge moon lamp white background with shiba  inu meme, white glow

Doge Moon Lamp


  • Custom 7.1"/18cm Doge Moon lamp. 
  • Doge moon lamp includes easy to assemble wooden stand. 
  • Touch control LED lighting (color change, dimmable).
  • Doge moon lamp is made from recycled biodegradable PLA material.
  • 800mah rechargeable battery w/ USB charger included. 

Easy Charge Doge Moon

The Doge Moon Lamp is easy to charge. Simply plug it into any USB plug and you can stare at the cute Doge Lamp for days.

Bio-Degradable Moon Lamp

Your Doge Moon Lamp is bio-degradable. What?! Yes you heard us. Bio-degradable because we care about the environment and so does Doge Coin.

3D Doge Moon Lamp

3D printing the Doge Moon Lamp was a great decision. We were able to capture the essence of the shiba inu meme and achieve a high quality moon textured finish on the lamp. 


Verified Customer

I love it! It actually does look like the moon and the shiba inu looks real, lol. I really like that it changes colors too.

The colors are not too bright but definitely bright enough. I use it on my desk in my living room when i work and as a night light.

I also like the company's mission of do good everyday, makes me feel better about my shopping habit ;)


Verified Purchase

VERY dope product, and an amazing purchase experience. I included pics of the Dogemoon product in all its glory, which really is excellent lol, but more important to me...the level of customer service, and individual attention paid to me and my questions was bar none.

They must have one hell of a team to respond so quickly and thoroughly to each customer that hits them up! Really cool 3 color change and dimming is unexpectedly well made, and a wonderful addition to my desk. The freebie coin and NFT (still to come) as a gift just for waiting is also just gravy on a very satisfying transactional experience.
To the MOON


Verified Purchase

MUCH WOW!! MUCH QUALITY!! Love my dogemoon!! All goes to a good cause!!